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28 May 2020
red chair after repair

Our Work

Sofa-Tech offer good quality, comprehensive repair and restoration work to both commercial and domestic sectors. We pride ourselves on a 90% first call fix settlement rate to date.

Our Technicians have undertaken extensive training from some of the best instructors in the United Kingdom and between them have successfully repaired hundreds of chairs, sofas, seats, dining room chairs and wooden furniture.

We can carry out repairs on the following:

  • Leather furniture and car interiors
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Cabinets & tables

We offer the following related services:

  • Leather care and cleaning
  • Minor on-site re-upholstery work
  • Home furniture assembly i.e. flat pack
  • Dismantling and modifications of furniture
  • Insurance and warranty reports and repairs

We also:

  • Replace frames, panels, mechanisms, broken springs, castors and feet.
  • Structural repairs; adjusting panels, mechanisms, frames, joints and springs
  • Provide re-padding to seats, backs and arms

Leather Repairs

Leather Repair
  • Scuffs
  • Rips
  • Tears
  • Cracks
  • Stitching
  • Cigarette burns
  • Pet damage - scratches
  • Split seams
  • Ink/stain/grease/adhesive removal
  • Leather Dye transfer
  • Leather Restoration
  • Custom colour matching leather – two-tone colours are our speciality
  • Mechanical work – e.g. recliners

Fabric Repairs

  • Stitching
  • Split seams
  • Rips
  • Tears
  • Recovering
  • Cigarette burns
  • Pet damage

Tables & Cabinets:

  • Indentations, scratches, gouges to wooden furniture
  • Re-staining repairs to damaged wooden frames
  • High gloss finishes

Automotive: Leather Car Seat Repairs

Automotive, Leather Car Seat Repairs

A used car that has an immaculate leather interior will sell better than one that is dirty or has scuffs & tears. In times when there is a higher stock availability of cars than customers, then the buyer will always choose quality and value.

Car interiors take a lot of wear and tear with extremes of temperatures, getting soiled, damp and wet. We specialise in producing a repair which looks natural and blends in so that the finished product is an interior in immaculate condition, but also one that has been given a finish to match the age of the vehicle. So the natural characteristics of the leather are still there. Many repairs done by “smart repairers” give a freshly painted look, which stands out just like a worn seat does!

We offer a mobile repair service and can do the following:

  • Scuffs
  • Rips
  • Tears
  • Stitching
  • Cigarette burns
  • Split seams
  • Complete leather cleaning, care and protection

Leather Cleaning and Care:

With the correct care leather will last and serve you well. It is a natural product, it breathes and stretches. Leather maintains itself at room temperature; it is durable, comfortable and elegant. It is one of the few products which can actually improve with age.

Leather should be cleaned and protected at least three times a year (depending on use) using approved leather products. We can offer the following:

  • Complete suite clean with professional leather cleaning products
  • Neutral leather cream after cleaning to ‘feed and nourish’ the leather
  • Leather re-odourising

On-site Re-upholstering Service

Dinning Chair

We also offer an on-site re-upholstery service for all your tired, worn out dining room chairs! You can choose a cover in either leather or fabric and then we can re-upholster your chairs in your home. The chairs are usable upon completion.

If you decide to use our services, then an appointment will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time for us to visit you to discuss further.

This service saves you around 25% on total costing and saves money on collection and delivery costs which are usually included within the quotation.

In order for us to give you a free no- obligation quote and to save you time and money, simply do the following:

  • E-mail us photos of the items you need re-upholstering
  • State the type of fabric or leather you require
  • Please use our ‘contact us’ page to send us these details
  • A member of our team will then either e-mail you a quote or speak with you on the telephone

If you decide to use our services, then an appointment will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time for us to visit you to discuss further.

DIY Disaster – Flat pack furniture assembly:

Have you bought new furniture, but haven’t got a clue where to start assembling this? Then let our team of trained technicians ease the stress of this for you. We offer a full on-site build up and fit service, tailored to your specifications We can fit:

  • Lounge furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture

We then fit all the units into the position that you choose.

Dismantling and Reassembling Furniture

We can:

  • Dismantle and re-assemble sofas and chairs that are too big to fit into your home.
  • Modify your furniture to your requirements (where practical)
  • Manufacture seating to fit in awkward areas

Insurance Claims

We can provide you with a fully comprehensive inspection report for submission to your insurance company. The report will contain the following information:

  • Report of all damage
  • Detailed breakdown of proposed work required
  • Full quotation price of work needed
  • Digital images as required

There will be a fee paid to the technician upon arrival of £50.00 (plus VAT) – this will be laid aside and deducted from the cost of any work allocated to us from you on settlement with your insurers. Should you not use our services after you have settled with your insurers then the £50 will be our fee for the inspection and quote on the damaged items.

"A technician called Richard called today and has completely restored the Zheng Dining table to its original finish. I’m delighted with the result. Thank you to all concerned for your excellent customer service".

Regards, S. Nicholas

"Sofa-Tech came today - they were on time and the guy was very polite. He mended the sofa very quickly and we are delighted not to mention very impressed by this quick and hassle free service."

Thanks again
C. Grant


Our online gallery shows a selection of many actual repairs completed by the technicians. If you have a problem with your furniture then you can either e-mail your photos or call us for a free no obligation quotation by using the query section on our contact us page

Leather Furniture

Cigarette Burn – before and after

‘Our son fell asleep in our leather chair and his cigarette burnt a hole in the arm’

  • Fag burn before
  • Fag burn before

Liquid Spillage Damage – before and after

‘An alcohol based medication substance was spilt causing damage to the arm of my leather chair’

  • Colour Loss Before
  • Coour Loss Afterwards

Hair oil Contamination – before and after

‘Hair oil contamination on the headrest of leather chair’

  • Before
  • After

Leather Chair Restoration – before and after

‘Hair product/oil contamination and general colour fade on antique leather chair’

  • Before
  • After

Worn/Faded Sofa Seat – before and after

‘General wear has faded the seat cushion on this leather sofa’

  • Before
  • After

Pet Damage to Leather Seat – before and after

‘Cat scratches on edges of cream leather sofa seat’

  • Before
  • After

Worn Leather Seams – before and after

‘General wear and tear to leather sofa has left worn and shabby seams’

  • Before
  • After

Tear in leather sofa – before and after

‘Tear to side panel of leather sofa’

  • Before
  • After

Hole on seat of leather sofa – before and after

‘A tear developed into a large hole on the seat cushion of a bi-cast leather sofa – this is something which can happen with age to this type of leather’

  • Before
  • After

Wooden Furniture

Split Wood in Table – before and after

‘Large split in wood of oak rustic dining room table’

  • Before
  • After

Automotive repairs

Cigarette Burn to Mercedes car seat – before and after

‘Owner accidentally dropped her cigarette on the car seat and it left a burn mark’

  • Before
  • After

Scuffs to vintage sports car seat – before and after

‘There were scuffs, cracks and general cleaning needed for this car seat’

  • Before
  • After

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