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28 May 2020

Online System

Our brand new online system has been produced by web development experts to offer you the best possible service. Itís revolutionised the way that we operate our administration process, whilst offering our clients improved efficiency and ease of use. With our portal there is no need to chase updates, and because the system notifies you of any changes, you will know any updated details as soon as we do.

Our client administration area offers:

  • Fully comprehensive service request and reporting system
  • Downloadable digital images
  • System update notification for appointment times, service reports and job updates
  • Search/filter customer & job details
  • Printable copies of service sheets
  • A handy postcode map to locate each customerís address
  • Online Appointments System

Online Appointment Booking System

We have developed an Online Appointment Booking System to improve the service that we provide to you and your customers:

  • You login to the user area and add all of your customer details onto the system
  • This generates an appointment system for us to contact your customer
  • We book a mutually agreeable appointment with the customer
  • This visit information is recorded on the system by us
  • You receive notification of this - visit details are now available to view on the online calendar
  • We complete our service report and the system notifies you of this update Ė you can then go into the system and view/print the service

This system is intended to save service departments time in chasing for appointment dates and improve work completion times. Working in this way ensures both you and your customers are more satisfied with our service.

Various screen shots from some of our on-line system.

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